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Another frequent area of personal injury law embraces accidents and injuries that occur as a result of job-related conditions.  Worker’s compensation claims may arise from injuries sustained as a result of repetitive trauma or movements required to perform tasks, traumatic physical injury, such as a fall from a ladder or scaffolding, and occupational diseases, including exposure to asbestos or dust.  In addition, an employee can file a worker’s compensation claim for mental injuries due to emotional strain or physical injuries at the workplace.

Worker’s compensation is not governed by general tort liability law and does not require an injured worker to prove fault on the part of the employer.  Worker’s compensation is governed by Illinois statutory law and requires an injured worker to prove that:

  • The employer is within the jurisdiction of the Illinois Worker’s Compensation Act or the Occupational Disease Act;
  • There was an employment relationship at the time of the accident;
  • The employee suffered injuries during the course of employment;
  • Work-related conditions were the cause of the injury or illness;
  • The employee provided notice to the employer within the specified period of time.

The Illinois Worker’s Compensation Act is designed to protect the financial wellbeing of employees who are injured on the jobsite.  Under the statute, an injured worker, who can establish a worker’s compensation claim, is entitled to recover damages for medical expenses, temporary or permanent disability that may be partial or total, lost earning capacity, vocational retraining, and survivor benefits.

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Some Work Accidents & Injuries

  • Construction & Jobsite Accidents & Injuries
  • Electrocution & Burn Injuries
  • Factory Accidents
  • Fatal Workplace Accidents
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Machine Injuries
  • Repetitive Work Injuries
  • Scaffolding & Ladder Falls
  • Tool Injuries
  • Workers Compensation Benefits

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