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What should you do / what should you not do if you are involved in an accident or injury?

  • If you are injured, report your injury if necessary and seek appropriate medical attention as soon as possible.  Depending on the situation, it may be necessary to report the accident, either to the police in transportation liability cases or to your employer for accidents that happen at the job site.
  • Do not make any statements regarding your case to anyone without a qualified attorney present who represents your interests.  You are not obligated to provide information or make statements to another party or their insurance provider.  You should be represented by an attorney when making any statements to your own insurance company.
  • Do not sign any agreements or settlements without first consulting an attorney.  Signing an agreement or settlement may seriously affect your rights and ability to file a suit to recover for your complete loss or damages in the future.
  • Time is a critical factor in personal injury cases, so contact an attorney at the earliest convenience.  In some cases, the statute of limitations may require you to file a claim within one or two years following the accident or your claim will be barred and you will not be entitled to compensation.
  • Preserving evidence from the accident scene can substantially affect your ability to recover damages for your injuries, especially in transportation and premises liability cases.  It is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible in all cases, so that your attorney can begin to build the record, document evidence, and access material information for your case.
  • Personal injury cases are often very complex legal matters, and insurance companies are represented by skillful defense attorneys.  Do not attempt to navigate the legal process on your own.  Seek an experienced, competent, and qualified attorney to assist you.

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