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At Huner Law Offices, LLC we have a long track record of proven success. With the experience and knowledge needed to achieve results, the attorneys of Huner Law Offices, LLC have recovered millions and millions of dollars for our clients. Some recent and significant recoveries include:

Vehicle Accident Cases
$2,250,000 recovery. Multiple family member injury claims who were seriously injured in a 15 passenger van rollover accident which occurred in southern Illinois. The case was filed in California against the manufacturer of the van and the rental agencies that leased the subject vehicle. The lawsuit alleged multiple design defects affecting stability of the vehicle. The case was settled during multi-party mediation in Los Angeles. Litigation involved extensive use of investigators, mechanical engineers, and sophisticated digital animation.
$1,200,000 for a 44-year old woman whose vehicle was struck head on by another motorist who operated his vehicle across the centerline of the roadway.
$1,200,000 for a young man who was a passenger in a vehicle whose driver who was struck by an off-duty Chicago police officer. Lawsuit was filed against Chicago police officer for his failure to reduce speed and keep a proper lookout. Settled in litigation.
$1,000,000 for a California man who was involved in a head-on motor vehicle collision.
$525,000 for a 65-year old man struck by a landscaping truck while he was attempting to cross the road.
$375,000 for a woman whose vehicle was struck by a commercial truck when both vehicles changed lanes simultaneously.
$250,000 for a client who was a passenger in a cab when the cab driver lost control of his vehicle. (No lawsuit filed)
$165,000 for a physician whose vehicle was struck by a commercial vehicle with injuries resulting in surgery.
$162,500 for a woman who was forced off the road by an 18-wheel truck resulting in a torn rotator cuff.
$150,000 for an elderly woman struck by a transportation van at O’Hare airport, sustaining a meniscus tear in her knee requiring surgery. (No lawsuit filed)
$150,000 for a 40-year old man who was struck by a valet parking attendant attempting to park a car.
$130,000.00 won for an individual who sustained a meniscus tear as the result of a low impact rear end motor vehicle collision. Claim was initially denied by the adverse driver’s insurance company.
$100,000.00 won for an individual who sustained a meniscus tear as the result of a rear end motor vehicle collision. Initial offer from the insurance company was ZERO.
$525,000.00 won for an individual who underwent surgery for back injuries from a low speed rear end accident. Initial offer from the insurance company was ZERO.
$240,000.00 won for a woman who was sustained a broken and crushed toe as a result of a head on motor vehicle collision.
$100,000.00 won for a man who sustained shoulder sprain in an automobile accident (no surgery).
Dog & Animal Bites
$176,794.00 won on behalf of a child mauled by a pit bull. Initial offer was ZERO.
$51,000.00 won for a woman who was bitten on the face by a golden retriever.
$185,000 for a 12-year old boy who was bitten upon multiple areas of his body by a neighbor’s dog.
Premise Liability Cases
$65,000.00 won for a woman who sustained a knee sprain when she tripped and fell on a defective manhole cover.
$135,000.00 won for a woman who had torn tendons in her shoulder when her porch collapsed.
$1,350,000 for a husband and wife who were struck by a motorist while walking in the parking lot of the Claim Jupiter restaurant. Both husband and wife sustained injuries to their lower extremities, requiring surgeries. (No lawsuit filed)
$1,250,000 for a cab driver against a gas station and car wash owner for injuries sustained when he was struck by another cab driver who lost control of his vehicle while exiting the car wash. Litigation costs exceeded $50,000.
Other Accidents & Injuries Cases
$100,000.00 won for a woman who sustained herniated discs in her neck (no surgery).
$175,000 for a 23-year old college student who sustained chemical burns upon the top of her head causing hair loss.
$2,250,000 for a man who sustained crush injuries due to the negligence of a major international airline. Litigation spanned three years, utilizing heavy use of architects, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, accident reconstructionists, and animation graphics. Twenty plus depositions taken in over five states.
$150,000 for a 45-year old man who underwent unnecessary exploratory abdominal surgery for a questionable hernia
Wrongful Death Cases
$2,250,000 settlement for wrongful death of a 68-year-old woman.

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