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Should I get a second opinion for my accident or injury case?

The answer is YES!! Sometimes one lawyer can see negligence and liability when another did not.


There are several factors that may play a role in this:

Maybe the attorney did not take the time to truly listen to ALL of the facts and information about that particular case on that particular day – we all have bad days.

Maybe the attorney and the prospective client had a miss-communication

Maybe the attorney they spoke to did not have prior experience with a similar case and therefore thought negligence and/or liability did not exist

Maybe that lawyer did not want to put the work, time and resources in to the case needed to produce a good outcome due to an already large and overloaded workload

People, even legal professionals are not perfect and sometimes make mistakes

If you read our reviews on AVVO, one review talks about the fact that the other attorney(s) the person spoke to told them that they did not have a case. Lawyers and law firms miss cases all the time. People, even legal professionals are not perfect and sometimes make mistakes. A lawyers experience and past results can play a role in this. We have all heard the saying “practice makes perfect”. We all know that past results and experience do count. The truth is there are no absolutes in law – each case is different and each case is unique and involves varying levels of complexities. We work hard for EVERY client, and we care about EVERY client. We work hard to listen to you and to understand ALL of the facts and information about your case. We believe that is what separates us from other lawyers and law firms in Chicago and Chicagoland.

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