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Since the founding of his first law firm in 2001, Rex Huner and the attorneys who have referred matters for prosecution, settlement and trial have benefited from the trust and confidence of knowing that their client’s interests are being handled by an experienced, ethical and competent personal injury attorney.

Attorneys in Illinois and throughout the United States refer their personal injury accident clients to Huner Law Offices, LLC for legal representation. Huner Law Offices, LLC maintains close professional relationships with lawyers and firms who often refer cases to us in exchange for a percentage of our attorneys’ fees earned from that case. In this way, the referring lawyer can feel confident that the client they refer to us will receive the best possible representation in the case.

Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct Authorize Fee Sharing Between Lawyers

Rule 1.5(e) of the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct authorize fee sharing between lawyers. At Huner Law Offices, LLC, we are well versed in the standards set by Rule 1.5(e), fully comply with all rules when entering into fee sharing arrangements and pay referral fees at prevailing rates.

Consider Referring Your Personal Injury Cases to Huner Law Offices, LLC

If you do not handle personal injury matters, your clients deserve the experience, as well as, the unique and innovative approach to the practice of personal injury law which Huner Law Offices, LLC provides. Likewise, even if you do handle some personal injury cases, larger and more complex tort matters may require the additional experience, talent, and resources that we can offer.

In either circumstance, you may want to consider referring the case to Huner Law Offices, LLC. Given our track record, by referring a case you can be confident that your client will be in good hands and that the size of the settlement or verdict we obtain will yield the best results for the client, you and us.

We recognize that referring a case is an important decision for any lawyer. Whether specializing in family law, business, real estate, patent and trademark, tax, insurance defense or plaintiff’s personal injury practice, all of our referring attorneys are treated with respect and their relationship with the client is always protected and acknowledged.

If you would like to discuss a potential referral with Huner Law Offices, LLC, please call (312) 733-4455, or you can email Rex Huner at

Refer a Case

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