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Chicago Premise Liability Lawyer

In certain situations, landowners or occupiers of property may be liable for accidents that take place on their property.  Such injuries may arise as a result of slippery surfaces, broken stairs or sidewalks, falling objects, dog bites, fires, explosions, or other dangerous conditions.  A landowner must exercise care to protect people who are on the property, but the level of care depends on each particular situation and whether the person entered the property as a guest or a trespasser.

A landowner may even be liable for accidents that occur off the premises as a result of conditions on the premises.  A property owner, for example, may be liable for unreasonably dangerous conditions that are caused off the property, such as water that drains off a roof and forms ice on the sidewalk of an adjacent property.  In addition, a landowner owes a duty to protect passerbys in certain situations and may have a duty, for example, to erect a barrier to prevent a passerby from falling off a sidewalk into an excavation at a construction site.

If you have suffered injuries on another’s property, you may be able to recover damages for the injuries you have sustained.  Contact the experienced legal team at Huner Law Offices, LLC to explore your avenues for recovery and compensation.

Premise Liability Cases:

  • Dram Shop & Bar Liability
  • Falling Merchandise
  • Falls From Wet Floors
  • Security Negligence
  • Restaurant Accidents & Injuries
  • Retail Store Accidents & Injuries
  • Structural Collapse Accidents & Injuries
  • Trip & Fall Accidents & Injuries

Please see some of our past case results and victories below!

Cab driver recovered $1,250,000 from a gas station and car wash owner when his cab was struck by another driver exiting the car wash.

Twelve-year old boy awarded $185,000 for injuries sustained from dog bite on neighbor’s property.

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