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Lyft Accident & Injury Lawyer

What Is Lyft?

Lyft is a ride-sharing service that offers on-demand transportation to individuals in need of rides for a whole host of reasons. The idea is that not everyone has access to, or the desire to use, a car to move from location to location, but sometimes public transportation is sorely lacking. As a result, Lyft – originally known as Zimride – was founded in 2012 in California. The founder was struck by the idea after seeing how ridesharing worked in Zimbabwe, and he set out to replicate the process and adapt it for an American userbase upon his return to the States. To that end, the service is offered via a mobile application (app) that allows users to input a destination and offers them information about various driver and ride options. This is a particularly popular service due to the sheer convenience it offers users. Rather than requiring them to scramble to find a ride, Lyft offers an affordable and dependable option. For more detailed information about Lyft and its various services, you can visit their website at

As with anything, deciding to use a Lyft ride presents both benefits as well as disadvantages. More notably, it presents a few distinct risks about which you should be aware. It is important, then, for potential users to understand the liability the company and its drivers might have in the case of an accident before they make the decision to invest in the rideshare. With that in mind, let’s take some time to talk about Lyft and the kind of things you should do if you find yourself in a crash while with a Lyft driver.


Lyft is an extremely popular ridesharing option and has been in business for about six years. If Lyft accidents were incredibly common, it is unlikely they would still be considered viable or safe options for users. With that said, it should come as no surprise that the company has its fair share of accidents. Lyft accidents might not be extremely commonplace, in other words, but neither are they particularly rare or uncommon. As with any vehicle, there is an inherent risk to driving at all, and that is perhaps amplified for Lyft drivers and riders due to the nature of the service. Because we are more concerned with why accidents happen and what to do if you find yourself in one, we will focus less on the exact number of accidents that occur every day and more on the causes of said accidents.


There are a few different factors that are commonly behind Lyft accidents. The fact that the drivers in question aren’t always familiar with the area in which they are driving, for example, can put them at a higher risk for accidents than other drivers. When you consider that the amount of money that they make depends solely upon how many clients they are able to move through their vehicle, it becomes clear that rideshare drivers in general might be more stressed than other drivers and have a bigger incentive to hurry through their drives. This might result in less attentive driving, which, in turn, can increase the risk of an accident dramatically. This is amplified if the driver is focused on their vehicle or even their passenger while driving. In some instances, drivers might pay more attention to their smartphone and navigation system than they do the road. When you consider all of these factors together, it is fairly easy to see how and why some Lyft accidents occur as well as things to watch out for if you opt for the services of a Lyft driver.


When you enter any vehicle, you are taking a risk. Despite its commonality, driving is not an inherently safe activity. There is always the chance that the worst could happen and you could end up in an accident. With that said, there are certain issues present with Lyft drivers that your regular drivers might not present to potential customers. For one thing, riders are often dependent upon Lyft to accurately screen their drivers to ensure that they have good driving records and have no history of unsafe driving. This process isn’t always as thorough as it could be, however, which means that sometimes poor drivers can fall through the cracks. When that happens, it could very well end up in an accident. If you have been in an accident with a Lyft driver, it is a good idea to reach out to an experienced attorney to help look into the driver’s background to help determine whether or not Lyft was negligent in their responsibilities.


Lyft and Uber, two of the ridesharing greats, are notorious for their poor handling of car accidents. Their drivers are often erroneously under the impression that they are covered under the company’s insurance, for example, when the reality is that Lyft only covers their drivers in certain situations – and the driver’s personal insurance often won’t cover accidents that occur while driving for Lyft, either. That leaves drivers in a rough situation where they aren’t entirely sure what insurance covers and what it doesn’t. This, in turn, translates to victims of accidents who are even more confused about where to seek their compensation from when it’s time to pay for medical bills and other expenses.

The answer to the above question, then, is that yes, Lyft drivers have insurance – but only under certain conditions. In order to determine whether or not your Lyft driver was covered at the time of your accident, you should consider reaching out to an attorney who understands how insurance works for commercial enterprises and can negotiate on your behalf with insurance companies.


Lyft is a popular ridesharing option and has been for six years. Many users are able to use the service without ending up in a car accident. That doesn’t mean that you’ll have the same luck, however, nor does it mean that accidents are rare. You don’t necessarily have to stop using Lyft as a transportation option, but you should be aware of the risks that each ride carries. Much like any ride, a Lyft ride could end in an accident. The insurance settlement process after that accident occurs, however, is often far more complicated than individuals in a car accident in a situation that is not ridesharing in nature.


Have you been injured as the result of a Lyft accident? If you have, then you might be overwhelmed looking at all of the information in question. Do not panic! There are experienced attorneys who can help uphold your rights and fight for the compensation to which you might be entitled.


If you have been injured by a Lyft driver, keep in mind that the sooner you find an attorney, the sooner we can begin working on your case and moving towards settlement (or trial). With that in mind, reach out to us today for more information about how exactly we can help! We fight for our client’s rights and defend them vigorously. If you need help and have been injured by a Lyft driver, we can help.  

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